Vintage style maxi dress

I’ve kinda loved being a Pitt Trading brand rep these past few months. I’m a massive fan of the variety and prices at Pitt Trading and never leave the shop uninspired. This fabric leapt out at me during my last visit. It’s a poly print fabric, that doesn’t look or feel like poly. I know many people are natural fabric devotees, but I like having some easy wear and care items in my wardrobe that I can throw on when I have one of those hectic mornings before work.

This folksy, printed fabric had a little sheen to it, so I really wanted to dress it down so that I could feel comfortable wearing it to work.

As I didn’t have a pattern that worked with my vision, I hacked an existing Simplicity pattern from my stash – Simplicty 1801, view C, which is a Cynthia Rowley pattern. The last time I made this dress I used silk chiffon – devil fabric! I get a laugh reading my old posts. I also remember how stretched money was back then, hence the dollar value for each item. LOL!

To make this dress, I used the bodice from the pattern as a base, but extended it to my  natural waist, so that I could omit that thick, shaped waist band. I pretty much cut the skirt shape as drafted, but only to midi size, then added a ruffle.

To ensure the dress looked casual, I added waist ties to give the dress shape at the waist. These are tied at the sides, just because.

I really dig this dress and know that it will get a lot of wear during Spring. I find I wear maxi skirts and dresses quite often in Spring. They perfectly accomodate cooler mornings and warmer afternoons.