The Assembly Line Apron Dress

I seem to be drawn to apron style dresses and The Assembly Line Apron Dress, had an appealing aesthetic with clean, simple lines, that I simply couldn’t resist.

I purchased a size small pattern, based primarily on my waist measurement which is 29 inches. I figured the bust and hip measurements weren’t as important as the dress is not overly fitted. I guess the sizing of the pattern is mostly accurate, but my finished dress is a tad big on me. I assumed that I could adjust the two buttons on the back to accomodate any minor sizing adjustments needed, but think after wearing this to school for a day, that I might actually add a couple of small darts above the pockets to fix the waist sizing.

The apron dress, and all Assembly Line patterns carry a premium price tag and are single size, which makes the $$ a little more painful. This is the second most expensive sewing pattern I have ever purchased (surpassed only by my Vintage Vogue, Christian Dior coat pattern), so I’m hoping a few more will roll off my machine in the coming months. Despite the size being a tad big (which I guess is normal), I really like the style lines for the skirt and pockets, and the straps angle nicely. The instructions have you attach the front straps last, by simply tacking them to the back of the facing and adjusting to fit, but I sewed them into the facing to achieve a cleaner finish.

This photo best shows why I need to shape the dress a little more for my next version. I look HUGE! I really like this dress, but will definitely tweak this fit with my next version.

The fabric for this dress was purchased from Pitt Trading, using my Brand Rep allocation for July (I also purchased some stretch velvet at the same time and totally destroyed it – ugh!! I still fail with sewing projects!!). I was specifically looking for a mid weight, textured fabric in black, and this fabric worked a treat. It was actually one of their sale items at the time, and cost less that $10 per meter.

For my next version, I may even try using some linen and perhaps wear it with a tank for warmer weather.

The top in these pictures is also a new make. I really loved the look of the cuffed top pattern from The Assembly Line, but just couldn’t bring myself to part with the $$ for it. I fudged this together using the Bento Top pattern, which I’ve used before, adding length to the sleeves to sew an elastic cuff. I also slightly raised the neckline, so that it became more of a crew neck.

I really love this top as a stand alone item. It looks great with jeans and a number of other items in my wardrobe. The fabric for the top was a lucky find from Spotlight. It is a t-shirt weight cotton blend knit with a clip-dot texture. It sewed a dream and washes nicely. I just hope it lasts, but I get the feeling that it will get chewed in my washing machine quite quickly.

This last picture, shows my styling for the cold! Ha ha! Sydney cold! Not world cold 🙂